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Hidden Jewels
Alicia needed to find that flash drive to keep her father out of prison, or she would be forced to marry Bart.
John, the handsome new doctor in town wants Alicia too, and their passion is apparent. But first, they have to find out about Bart's suspicious visits to Savannah.

They face numerous dangers while searching for the flash drive . . . especially when they discover that the Antique business Bart owns is  not what it seems. They were entering into a dangerous world of stolen jewels and smuggling, with all of the twists and turns that are thrown their way. 
They must figure out how to get the flash drive Bart is using against Alicia to get the evidence they need to put Bart away.
And what's in the underground tunnel she accidentally discovered?

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Short stories about Billy Graham

Personal recollections of special moments people from all walks of life experienced with beloved evangelist Billy Graham.

Max Elliot Anderson
Joyce Atkinson
Joe Bonsall
Shirley Brosius
Carlene Shuler Brown
Roger Bruner
Penelope Carlevato
Joann Claypoole
Wendy Dellinger
Lola De Maci
Diana Flegal
Gayle Fraser
Tommy Scott Gilmore, III
Mary A. Hake
Lydia E. Harris
Judith Victoria Hensley
Helen L. Hoover
Amanda Hughes
Nancy Johnson
Ann Knowles
Yvonne Lehman
Suzanne Liggitt
Lowell Lytle
Jayme H. Mansfield
Diana Leagh Matthews
Mary E. McQueen
Andrea Merrell
Lynn Mosher
Vicki H. Moss
Patricia Luellen Nicholas
Karen Lynn Nolan
Diane H. Pitts
Kim Peterson
Deborah M Presnell
Colleen L. Reece
Fred Robinson, Jr. 
Karen Sawyer
Cindy Sproles
Nate Stevens
Barb Suiter
Audrey Tyler
Beverly Varnado
Debra DuPree Willliams
Dr. Rhett H. Wilson, Sr.
Ann Brubaker Wirtz
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