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About Me

 I am a writer from South Carolina, and I won 7th place in the Writers Digest Annual Competition and have been published in an anthology, Moments With Billy Graham, along with two other books. Guideposts bought one of my stories and I have been published in several  magazines.

I am a Southerner through and through as I was raised in Savannah, Ga. and have lived my whole adult life in South Carolina. I love painting and writing, as you can tell because I'm doing both. I was a professional artist for most of my life but wrote short stories in between. I decided that I wanted to write more, so I started writing more stories and sending them to competitions. I started winning them and became more interested in writing. People started asking how I made so much money with my credit cards so I published my small book, Making Money With Your Credit Cards. Then, I got some of my stories in a couple of anthologies. I decided that I wanted to write a novel, so I started studying the craft of writing. After a couple of years, I started writing my first novel and I'm having so much fun. My characters have started coming alive for me and sometimes dictates what happens next. I haven't even finished this book yet and I've already come up with ideas for a sequel and can't wait to start on that one.

I really hope you will enjoy reading my novel as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

I'm so glad you came to my site and hopefully we can become really good friends.

If you will, send me your email  address and I'll let you know when I get my book published. I'll also send any more news or promotions that I have going on. The email for my book promotions is:


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