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Carlene Shuler Brown

Award Winning Writer

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Award Winner
Hidden Jewels
Alicia was devastated after being blackmailed into marrying Bart.  She and the new doctor in town were on a mission to stop that marriage as they plot to discover Bart's secretive business and put him behind bars.

Secret underground tunnels and rumors of hidden jewels were only part of the story. High Society parties a couple of hundred miles away, held in opulent hotels, women dripping in jewels just itching to be stolen. They made clandestine trips out of town, gathering information

They were entering a dangerous world of stolen jewelry and smuggling with all of the twists and turns that are thrown their way.

They secretly filmed Bart and his associates in an old mansion selling stolen jewelry. Discovery was made. Shots rang out. Someone was dead. But WHO?

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A Professional Artist for many years, she has won numerous awards and has sold paintings and prints all over the US and England. She has also been teaching drawing and painting for 50+ years. 
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